A.B.Esse started its activity in the first 90's to manufacture and distribute laser spare parts and  consumables for  cutting industrial machines. During the following years the grown experience produced the contact with Precitec, worldwide leader company in the fields of laser and non contact optical measure (, and a successful cooperation relationship in this way started and keep on stenghtening. The participation to specific internal technical training on products and processes gave to A.B.Esse the chance to grow-up the internal skills in each application field. On the other hand attending to the annual sales meeting granted to the staff members to get in touch with all worldwide Precitec subsidiaries, with the opportunity of commercial and marketing strategy sharing. The milestone award got from Precitec in 2008 definitely established the A.B.Esse position inside the Italian country as the exclusive Precitec Service Partner, a key reference points for all customers and potentials in Italy for Precitec products purchase consulting and maintenance/repair service.

Concerning the optics for laser cutting machines, an important step has been taken by A.B.Esse during 2011 when, after the mutual cooperation start during the previous year, the company Ophir Optronics (, worldwide leader for the laser optics manufacturing nowadays past of the Newport group, as a matter of fact introduces A.B.Esse within the group by appointing with the official representave in Italy. After a couple of years, the good job done in terms of sales during the period 2011-2012 has been officially awarded with a plate by Ophir. In the present days A.B.Esse is the reference distributor for Italy (Ophir Premium Distributor).


- continuos improvement and company growing;
- widening of the offered products range;
- roof on sales prices;
- goods' stock availability increase of ready to ship parts;
- always looking for a close and cordial cooperation relationship with customers.


- A.B.Esse represents for Italy Precitec as Service Partner. A.B.Esse offers all spare parts and complete laser heads (cutting-welding-cladding), with possibility of their complete total or partial review or maintenance service, and in addition welding process monitoring systems and sensors for distance-thickness measure and surface scan.

- A.B.Esse has been appointed as Ophir Optonics Premium Supplier for Italy. A.B.Esse has the complete range of optics (lenses and mirrors) for laser machines, both CO2 and fiber, manufactured by the main OEM and instruments for the measure of the essential and basic laser parameters (energy and power).

- A.B.Esse offers the complete range of laser spare parts for all brands and models. The choice moves from the most common consumables, the nozzles/tips, that we can supply even with the most common surface coating (standard, chromed, special coating), passing by mechanical or laser beam bellows, to water, air, air pollution filters to product for optics cleaning and liquid for chiller and turbine.

A.B.Esse can support and advise the companies involved in the machine building and in application with robot for cutting or welding with the laser (CO2 and fiber).


A.B.Esse judges fondamental to keep quality during years concerning the products offered and continuos improvement of the customers services, even including assistance and technical consulting. As a rule the mail part of the products in the catalogue are in stock ready to be shipped and  delivered (throughout the Italian territory) in 1/2 working days depending on the destination place. Usually the catalogue goods are ready to be shipped in our stock. Among them of course the nozzles/tips, as the result of the many years experience of A.B.Esse in this field and of the fruitful cooperation with some wellknown laser machine manufacturer companies. The nozzles/tips are built using numeric controlled modern and technically advanced machine tools; then severe quality controls are applied, marked with the hole dimension, treated to grant the best stocking and, at the end, packed in the idoneus way to be transported worldwide. Moreover, A.B.Esse is now enlarging the bellows choice and the availability of some different unit in stock, ready for delivery.

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